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16,94 EUR*
Details Spiritual-Combat-How-to-Win-Your-Spiritual-Battles-and-Attain-Inner-Peace

Spiritual Combat St. Francis de Sales carried a copy of this book in his pocket for 18 years. Here is sensible advice to help you overcome spiritual obstacles and achieve spiritual perfection. Best of all, it doesn't just tell you what you ought to do ...

25,95 EUR*
Details Teaching-Mysteries-Foundations-of-Spiritual-Pedagogy-Foundations-of-Spiritual-Pedagogy

By carefully examining a handful of great exemplars of teaching from various spiritual traditions and cultural contexts, this book breaks new ground in helping both prospective and practicing teachers discover and deepen their sense of spiritual calling.

17,60 EUR*
Details Spiritual-Writings-Modern-Spiritual-Masters-Series

Karl Rahner A major force at Vatican II, Jesuit priest Karl Rahner's writings effect a paradigm shift in modern theology. This anthology showcases the masterful spiritual writings by one of the great religious thinkers of all time.

13,38 EUR*
Details The-Spiritual-School-of-the-Golden-Rosycross-Lectorium-Rosicrucianum-A-Spiritual-Community-of-the-Present

The Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross The spiritual path as it was walked in all times under various conditions by truth seekers lies at the center of this book. In the Spiritual School of the Rosycross, this way is walked in the sign of ...